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RENT Vending Machines

Not allowed to own assets or are you unsure as to the economic viability of a vending machine at your club or business and wish not to spend huge start-up capital?

  • Less start-up investment – Rent first for less and then buy (at a discounted price) when comfortable.
  • Low risk rent-to-buy option – Rent first and confirm economic viability before buying your machine.
  • Your product selection – You decide on which and whose products you sell in your rental machine.
  • Assistance to you - We can assist in determining the economic viability of your rental site by comparing your club or business to similar ones and customise your vending solution for your needs.
  • No maintenance worries - Continue to rent knowing you have no responsibility for product maintenance and spares.
  • Convenient and profitable - Your customers will appreciate the convenience of a vending service on-site and you will enjoy a healthy profit.
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BUY Vending Machines

Do you have an economic viable site and want to save money whilst achieving increased long term profitability and high return on your investment?

  • Increased long-term profitability – Our proven product support and maintenance capability keeps your machine operable maximum of the time, and for longer, increasing your turnover and maximizing your profits.
  • Saving money – Despite the need for an initial investment, it remains the more economic viable option over the long term (that is true only if your machine remains maximum operable).
  • Economic viability assistance - We can assist in determining the economic viability of your site and your decision to purchase by comparing your club or business to similar ones in the industry.
  • Assistance with machine selection - We can assist in specifying a customised solution for your site i.e. determining the right vending machine and payment options.
  • Machine setup - We will configure and programme your machine to your specific product and pricing requirements.
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FREE Vending Machines

Do you have a need for a free vending machine at your work place, fitness centre, school or university etc?

  • No cost to you - We place a free vending machine at your place i.e. at no cost to you at all (but electricity).
  • Earn a sales commission - Pending the economic profitability of the site you might earn a commission from such opportunity.
  • Your own product selection - We provide the products you want (not just from one supplier).
  • No inconvenience to you – We stock, fill, sell (at affordable prices) and even maintain and repair the free serviced vending machine.
  • More productive staff - Free serviced on-site drinks and snacks minimise staff members’ out-of-action time.
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Vending Machine Dispensing Types & Leading Media™ Technology

Vendpro offers the very latest in vending machine technology. Our snack and food machines offer different dispensing options such as coils only, coil-with-basket/ soft vend (e.g. the Sorrento™ Soft Vend, the Necta™ Samba Top and the Samba Touch) or carousel give out (e.g. Necta™ Festival or Crane™ Shoppertron Millennia).

Likewise, our drink venders offer gravity chute, coil, coil-with-basket or soft vend dispensing options with either live (e.g. Vendo™ V721) or Glass-Front (e.g. Sorrento™ Soft Vend or Crane™ Media™ Bevmax4) displays. Our Media™ range of machines have some exciting and unique features normally associated with convenience stores and online retail shopping sites only - read here to learn about the benefits that Media™ technology offers.

Combination Vending Machines

Our combo machines are designed to dispense a combination of snacks (e.g. chips, chocolates, pies, sausage rolls, etc.) and drinks whether in a bottle, can or tetra pak etc. These combination vending machines are flexible and can be configured to suit just about any product mix.

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Cans of Pepsi
Unwrapped Snickers Candy Chocolate Bar

Snack Vending Machines

Vendpro’s snack vending machines are designed to dispense snacks and confectionaries e.g. chips, chocolates, sweets, pies, sausage rolls, sandwiches etc. The tray and layout configuration can be customised to suit your product mix.

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Pink Skittles

Drink Vending Machines

Our drink vending machines dispense cans or bottles of drink and they vary in capacity, number of different products it can handle; and the variety of different sized products it can dispense e.g. Red Bull™ 250ml slim line cans, 600ml water and recyclable PET bottles etc. Our Everquench/ National™ machines can also be configured to handle a limited selection of small chocolates e.g. Mars™, Snickers™ and Cherry Ripe™.

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Coca-Cola Fanta and Sprite cans

Food & Meal Vending Machines

Our smart food and meal vending machines offer true automatic canteen solutions with a complete product offering e.g. burgers, muffins, pasties, pies, pizza snacks, rolls, sandwiches, fresh dishes, fruit and yoghurt, soft fruit, bananas, citrus etc. The enhanced electronics deliver a state-of-the-art health compliant products management system at superior energy saving ratings.

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Sandwich with ham, cheese and vegetables
Sausage rolls
Green leaf salad bowl
Yellow, green and red apples

Health & Wellness Vending Machines

A health and wellness vending machine presents healthier calorie-controlled meal replacement products such as liquid breakfasts, breakfast biscuits, muesli bars, cereals, protein drinks etc. A balanced calorie-controlled product mix consisting of healthier drinks and snacks contributes towards achieving the ultimate wellness product portfolio offering.

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Nuts & Fried Fruit
Orange Juice
Cheese Biscuits
Nut Bar

Frozen Vending Machines

Vendpro’s frozen vending machine options create product dispensing opportunities e.g. from pastas to pizza snacks, to calorie conscious dinners, ice cream novelties etc. You can have food products at three temperature ranges with adjustable set points in each range i.e. refrigerated food 1°C to 3°C, soft frozen food at -18°C to -11°C and hard frozen food at -23°C to -19°C.

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Ice Cream
Frozen popsicles

Health & Fitness Vending Machines

We offer specialised health & fitness vending machines and have provided customised solutions to in excess of one third of the fitness industry in WA. A vending machine can be tailored to vend most types of health and nutritional products, towels, shakers and earphones etc. A standard health & fitness vending machine can be extended with up to four bulk item vending machines/ lockers to allow dispensing of bulk items such as protein powder tubs etc. We are a main, and in some instances, a preferred supplier of health & fitness vending machines to national and state fitness groups and gyms such as Jetts 24 Hour Fitness™, Anytime Fitness Australia™, Plus Fitness 24/7™, Genesis Fitness™, Snap 24/7 Fitness™, Green Zone Fitness™, Revo Fitness™ etc.

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Sports bottle, apple, towel

Coffee, Tea & Hot Beverages Vending Machines

Vendpro proudly offers the Media™ range of Voce™ coffee, tea and hot beverages/ drinks vending machines. This range includes four basic configurations i.e.:

  • Instant or powder coffee without tea.
  • Instant or powder coffee with tea.
  • Espresso or ground roasted beans coffee without tea.
  • Espresso or ground roasted beans coffee with tea.

It offers up to a maximum of thirty two selections of a combination of hot beverages such as coffee, fresh-brew tea, hot chocolate, soup etc. It allows customisation to taste with the amount of sweetener/ sugar or whitener/ creamer to brew a drink specific to the individual’s taste.

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Coffee & Beans
Peppermint Tea
Hot Chocloate
Mug of soup

Non-Refrigerated/ Ambient/ Safety Station Vending Machines

Vendpro supplies a range of non-refrigerated or ambient vending machines offering a variety of dispensing solutions such as stationary and office supplies, personal hygiene, mints, deodorant, flat dancing shoes, umbrellas, first aid and medical items, tools, car wash sponges, cleaning towels, fragrance trees, tyre shine, safety stations for personal protective equipment (PPE), luggage locks, tags, travel goods etc. These machines are similar to refrigerated machines but it gets supplied without a refrigeration unit and the machine and tray layout is customised for the specific need. A standard ambient vending machine can be extended with up to four bulk item vending machines/ lockers to allow dispensing of bulk items such as safety gear e.g. hard hats, boots etc.

Also see the section on corporate vending solutions for our advanced range of cashless payment inventory control/ management solutions e.g.: a cost-effective stand-alone option, an integrated solution offering full issue record/ traceability of consumables issued or cost saving self-checkout solutions.

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Toothpaste and toothbrushes
tape measure isolated on white background
First Aid

Bulk Item Locker Vending Machines

Our ambient bulk item locker vending machine unit offers nineteen compartments for the dispensing of bulk items (e.g. up to 290mm x 205mm x 360mm) e.g. tubs, personal protective equipment, hardware or medical products etc. Up to four of these locker vending machines can be connected to one of our Sorrento™ vending machines without the need for any additional payment systems. The design of these locker vending machines are patented and they only integrate with our Sorrento™ series of vending machines.

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Colored jars
Safety Equipment

Reconditioned Vending Machines

We carry a range of reconditioned (i.e. refurbished, pre-owned or second hand) vending machines and vending accessories for sale (at discounted prices) or rental. Since we pride ourselves in providing a full back-up maintenance and spares service of the products we sell, we offer with confidence our standard warranty and unlimited lifetime phone/ video support with every refurbished item we sell. Refurbished items sold are from our rental stock and have been comprehensively serviced and tested. A range of reconditioned equipment is on display at our show room in Balcatta and customers are invited to come, see and enquire about the machines and accessories on offer.

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