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365 MicroMarket™ Overview

365 Gen3™ Kiosk Overview

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Micro Markets: 365 MicroMarket™ - Scalable | Secure | Integrated

365 Retail Markets™ (‘365’) is a global leader in micro market technology. Vendpro Retail Markets, together with 365 now proudly offers the very first - and best-in-class - platform for vending, foodservice, and hospitality in Australia. Vendpro offers the proprietary 365 MicroMarket™ technology solution - MicroMarket™ - as a turnkey unmanned micro market that allows customers to increase sales, improve their customer experience, and increase profits, while decreasing operating costs. 365 Retail Markets™ has been pioneering innovation in the vending industry since 2008 and continues to revolutionise the vending, foodservice, and hospitality markets with superior technology and ultimate flexibility in customisation and branding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a micro market?

A micro market is an unattended store utilising a self-checkout kiosk as the payment station. Micro markets can sell anything, though are typically stocked with convenience items. They can easily be integrated into an office or community space as an alternative to vending.

What is the 365 self-checkout kiosk?

The 365 kiosks are the micro market payment centres. The kiosk offers several payment options, is extremely user friendly, and is expedient to use. The primary functions of the kiosk are to manage accounts, check prices, and make purchases.

What is SmartInventory™?

SmartInventory™ is our mobile-friendly inventory application, designed to make short work of both your routine daily stocking, and your monthly physical inventory. Our Inventory Management has two modes: Perpetual and Physical. Perpetual Inventory allows you to scan an item’s Universal Product Code (UPC), and will report back how many of these items are currently in your inventory. You can adjust this number if you are adding or removing items from stock using a simple (+,-) system. Physical Inventory allows you to quickly set or reset your inventory levels, without regard to what is currently in inventory. In Physical Inventory mode, when you scan an item, it will ask you for the quantity in the store, and replace your current inventory number, with the new amount input. SmartInventory™ can be used on most mobile devices including our SmartTablet™ Inventory Bundle, iPad™ , iPhone™, Android™ phone and many others.

How does 365 protect their customers’ credit card data?

365 is a manufacturer in the industry that is PCI PA-DSS compliant, ensuring your data and information are always secure and protected. We do not store any credit card information on the kiosk or in our databases. All credit card transaction data is sent over encrypted channels directly to the credit card processor.

How much can I expect my revenue to increase?

You can typically expect revenue to increase by 50-300%, depending on your location and volume.

Can I receive training on the setup and operation of my kiosk?

Yes, you can schedule live or online training to ensure a smooth and well-informed opening of your new micro market.

Where can I open a micro market?

While micro markets can be opened anywhere, we suggest a closed environment or shared community space. Within these locations, customers are encouraged to become repeat buyers and losses can be minimised.

What do I need to get started?

Dedicated space for your micro market to be installed, electrical power source for our 365 MicroMarket equipment, and open internet access for our web-based ADM™ tools.

Can I order part of the MicroMarket™ and do the rest of the installation myself?

Yes, the minimum you will need is a self-service payment kiosk. Thereafter, your solution is completely scalable and you can decide what and how many components you want to include in your micro market. If you decide to sell chilled/ frozen products then it is advisable to also invest in an intelligent health timer lock.

Does Vendpro offer a full turn-key solution?

Yes, Vendpro can deliver a turn-key MicroMarket™ that includes the self-checkout payment kiosk, the shelves and fixtures, coolers/ freezers complete with health lock, security system with cameras etc. We even offer a fully compatible and integrated refill pick and inventory control system. Our turn-key installation process can convert any operation into a highly efficient facility within days.

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Products and Services

365 MicroMarket

Our revolutionary collection of software and hardware that make up the 24/7 unmanned MicroMarket experience.

365 MicroMarket

365 Self-Checkout Kiosks

The customer facing hardware and software allows companies to uniquely brand their market whilst enhancing their customer’s buying experience.

At the heart of the 365 MicroMarket™ is the self-checkout kiosk, where the customer scans and pays for their items. We offer two models:

The Gen3™ Kiosk

  • Compact form factor with zero maintenance design.
  • Nayax™ credit card reader.
  • Newly recessed fingerprint scanner.
  • 3D barcode scanner.
  • Expansion port for optional Expansion Module attachment.
365 Self-Checkout Kiosk Gen3


The Gen3c™ Kiosk

  • Operator serviceable expansion module with NayaxTM credit card reader.
  • Newly recessed fingerprint scanner.
  • 3D barcode scanner.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant.
365 Self-Checkout Kiosk Gen3c



ADM offers extensive reporting and customer service features to reduce overhead on operations and provide the insight needed to be effective with your clients.

The SmartSecurity system, as well as all information on your MicroMarket, can be accessed via ADM. View your location and customer information, sales and inventory reports, as well as manage all items in the store - from price to tax.

Mobile Inventory

365’s Mobile Inventory website provides a hardware agnostic method for Operators to quickly and efficiently take inventory on a regular basis. Operators can use a tablet, laptop or the optional iPod Touch scanner case to create a workflow that works best.

Automated Health Timer Lock

FreshIQ™ intelligent health timer locks for MicroMarkets prevents customers from taking product from the cooler/ freezer when the temperature rises above the maximum health temperature value for a predetermined period. NAMA certified and NSF compliant for health timer function. That ensures that the products you use meet strict standards for public health protection and is Health Department inspection ready. Compatible with FreshTraq™.

Remote Health Lock Monitoring System

FreshTraq™ allows remote control of your MicroMarkets from anywhere. Save time and money by eliminating trips to your MicroMarket. Remote lock/unlock. Reports on temperature, power and lock status. Get alerts on your phone and email.

LightSpeed FastTrack™ MicroMarket/ Vending Pick System

A pick-to-light vending pick system that provides a cost effective way to efficiently prepare and pre-kit the stock you need before embarking on your trip to refill your MicroMarkets or vending machines. The system simplifies order fulfilment during the picking process by using light-signals to direct the fulfilment personnel. Works seamlessly within the 365 MicroMarket system configuration.

LightSpeed Level™ Advanced Inventory Management

Level™ is an advanced inventory management solution for business owners looking to control their largest expense, Cost of Goods Sold (COGS). Compatible with FastTrack™.