Frequently Asked Questions
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How much does a vending machine cost?

Pricing is very much dependent on the technology/ quality, type and size of the machine as well as the payment configuration selected. The old saying remains true: ‘You get what you pay for’. Contact us for a free quote.

How much does it cost to rent a vending machine?

Rental fees are determined by the type and size of the machine as well as the payment method selected. Contact us for a free quote.

What’s are the main differences between renting and leasing a vending machine?

In both instances, you will be paying a monthly fee for the use of the machine. Rental fees are approximately 40-50% less than when you would be leasing a machine. The minimum contract period ranges from zero (i.e. no lock-in) to up to 24 months and more. Also, if you rent a machine from us, it means you rent directly from Vendpro. As the machine belongs to us, you get unlimited free technical support for fair wear and tear. When leasing a machine the machine belongs to you or the financing company you deal with and you get a limited time warranty exclusive of free technical support. Please note there are different types of leases e.g. purchase lease or hire lease etc. When leasing, the minimum repayment period could be anything from 12 to 60 months. Please be aware that many suppliers only offer lease options disguised as a direct rent option similar to Vendpro's rental option. Contact us for more information.

Do you also operate vending machines i.e. provide a ‘free vending service’ and if so what does it mean?

Yes, we can arrange a free vending service at your place. We deliver the service without you having to invest in a machine and/ or have to fill and operate or maintain the machine. You benefit by buying readily available products from our machine. We then pay for the filling and the maintenance and spare parts of the machine. Read here for more on our free site service.

Does a ‘free vending service’ mean my maintenance and services are at no cost?

No, it has nothing to do with the maintenance of your machine. It refers to us (Vendpro or one of its operators) providing products to a workplace/ site at no cost to the workplace staff or site visitors. Read here for more on our free site service.

What are my responsibilities when I rent a machine?

When you rent a machine you become the operator of that machine and as the custodian you are responsible for all operational and service delivery activities of that machine. You also take responsibility for the fair care of such equipment. That includes making sure the general condition of the equipment is kept clean and in good working order e.g. that the coin mechanism and refrigeration unit are cleaned on a regular basis and the machine is sufficiently protected against vandalism etc.

What is involved in the cleaning of the machine, coin mechanism and refrigeration unit?

Keeping the machine clean is very easy and you will be informed during your induction on how it’s done. Basically it involves wiping and cleaning with a wet cloth and vacuum cleaning similar to what you would do at home. The frequency of cleaning depends on the site conditions, but typically cleaning is required to be done once every few weeks.

Why would I consider buying a refurbished/ second hand/ pre-owned machine from Vendpro?

If you are new to the vending industry, this is a more affordable option to test the market and see if this is the right business for you. We carry a range of reconditioned (i.e. refurbished, pre-owned or second hand) machines and vending accessories for sale (at discounted prices) or rental, all backed up by the same standard warranty and unlimited lifetime phone/ video support as our new machines. Vendpro’s proven track record exceeds twenty years in the vending industry and we pride ourselves in providing a full back-up maintenance and spares service of the products we sell. All refurbished items sold are from our rental stock and have been fully serviced and tested. A range of reconditioned equipment is on display at our show room in Balcatta and customers are invited to come, see and enquire about the machines and accessories on offer.

I can buy vending machines online or elsewhere cheaper, what about those?

Yes, there are many cheap vending machines, potentially looking like a bargain, but most of these are of questionable quality with little or no back-up support and/ or spare parts available. Keeping in mind that you make money by selling more products over the duration of the lifetime of the machine and not by saving upfront on the purchase price, this may become a costly short-sighted decision. What could seem like a good few hundred dollars saving at the start, can very quickly turn into a great loss if your machine is down for only a few days. The only way to maximise turnover and profit is to optimise operational availability of your machine. To achieve this, partner with a reputable vending supplier that provides good quality machines and effective and timely back-up support and spares. Research both the vendor and the equipment before you purchase.

What if the machine stops working or if I need spare parts or service?

First of all, ensure you source and operate reliable good quality machines from a reputable supplier. Vendpro is a reputable supplier, servicing the industry for more than twenty years and offering a variety of good quality machines. In addition, we offer a standard product warranty and unlimited lifetime phone/ video support on all machines sold and we service and maintain our rental fleet. If telephonic support doesn’t resolve your issue, then we can either assist you on-site or back in our workshop. Also, we only team up with the best equipment manufacturers in the world ensuring the best technical backup and spares support is around for many years to come.

Vendpro is considered as an exceptional maintenance service provider and carry a large range of spare parts to support our equipment. At Vendpro we pride ourselves in our unique service capability that is perceived by many in the market as being the best in WA and one of the best in Australia.

Which vending machine will best suit my needs?

By us asking you a few questions and you providing us a few simple answers, we can assist in determining what brand, type, size and configuration of vending solution you need for your specific requirement.

What types of vending machines are available?

You can sell just about anything within reasonable shape and dimensions in vending machines. Such include ambient or non-refrigerated, refrigerated or frozen products e.g. stationary and office supplies, personal hygiene, mints, deodorant, flat dancing shoes, umbrellas, first aid and medical items, tools, car accessories, cleaning towels, fragrance trees, personal protective equipment (PPE), luggage locks, tags, travel goods – the list is endless. If you have got a specific requirement or idea, you are welcome to visit us at our showroom in Balcatta with a sample of your product and we will be able to provide you with appropriate advice or find a suitable solution for your requirement or idea.

What is the delivery time for a vending machine?

Since we endeavour to always have stock available, our delivery time is primarily dependent on you providing us with your machine layout, product, pricing and payment system requirements. Once agreed, the machines can then be customised and supplied within a couple of days.

Where can I purchase vending accessories such as a coin mechanism, note reader or credit card payment system?

Vendpro supply a range of both new and refurbished payment hardware.

What about delivery charges?

Delivery/ freight charges to and from your site are an additional cost and are not included in the selling/ rental price of the machine.

Can you arrange delivery and shipment of my vending machine?

Yes, whilst we don’t do transport ourselves, we can arrange delivery of your machine on your behalf. In such cases, we charge a small handling fee in addition to the freight charges charged by the transport contractor. You can avoid paying our handling fee by arranging delivery yourself.

Where are the best places to buy products from?

Vendpro doesn’t supply products but can advise on potential product suppliers. Most general type drink and food snack items can be bought from wholesalers, discount retailers and supermarkets who often offer special deals. Other products, such as food, medical and hardware goods, might have to be bought from specialised vendors.

Would Vendpro help me find a site or sites?

Vendpro doesn’t pursue or seek new sites as a day-to-day business activity, however, we do get many requests from potential end-users that wish to have a free service offered at their workplace. We sometimes pass these leads on to our operators on our customer database with great success. You are automatically included in our database once you have purchased or rented one of our machines. We will also share with you our proven site-finding tips as part of your induction program. Since your ability to find your own locations will be one of the keys to your long-term success, we encourage you to be proactive in taking ownership of your new business by finding your own sites.

What about business registration and tax?

Whilst you don’t need to have been registered as a business to buy from Vendpro, you most likely will require an ABN/ ACN if you want to trade with some product vendors. Your personal circumstances will determine whether you should register for GST and obtain an ABN/ ACN for your vending machine business. Registering your business may benefit you in that you might be able to claim e.g. input credits for GST and/ or legitimate tax deductions such as depreciation, work expenses, travel etc. For more information on business registration and tax visit the ATO website at

Is the market saturated?

In view of WA’s continued predicted growth in population figures and consequential new business and residential developments, the future outlook presents operators with many new opportunities and potential new sites.

Technology and consumer trends are changing the face of vending. A key vending industry driver is offering a variety of options to meet consumers’ diverse needs. As consumers’ needs change and the trend of innovative vending technology follows, new markets and opportunities will open up. Although you see merchandising/ vending systems in many places, there are between two and three million new ones set up each year around the world. You be the judge.

Should I use brand names?

We recommend using name branded products. You will find customers use your machines more frequently when they notice products that they recognise and associate with.

How many vending machines can I operate?

It depends on how much money you want to make and how much time you are willing to invest. We can help you determine what vending solutions would be necessary to achieve your revenue goal.