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Corporate Vending Solutions, Remote Monitoring, Inventory Control & Management Tools & MicroMarket™ Retailing Solutions

Our innovative vending systems offer you cost effective corporate vending solutions whether it means retailing drink, snack and food items or dispensing of consumable goods such as PPE or safety articles, first-aid items, toiletries goods, stationary articles, bar/ liquor products, tools or spare parts etc.

Vendpro offers you cost effective corporate vending solutions to your inventory and compliance management challenges. You get improved real time monitoring capability with our remote monitoring vending system, which allows better control and easier compliance whether your aim is to reduce costs, manage usage of consumable goods or to achieve Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) objectives.

We provide a range of cashless payment inventory control/ management solutions to suit every need and budget e.g.:

  • Stand-alone meaning there is no traceability of usage such as when vending in the catering and hospitality environment.
  • Integrated to a variety of facilities management systems which implies there is full issue record/ traceability of consumable products issued e.g. with the controlled issuing of PPE in safety station vending machines, stationary, bar/ liquor etc.
  • Self-checkout micro market vending and retailing as applied to micro retailing opportunities e.g. in offering advanced vending functionality in corporate crib/ break/ lunch room applications etc.

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Corporate Solutions

Coin Payment Mechanisms

Vendpro offers a range of reliable coin payment mechanisms, from global suppliers. Rental machines come standard with a suitable coin mechanism, but a potential customer with personal preference may request a different brand of coin mechanism at a revised cost. We also have reconditioned coin mechanisms for sale. Please feel free to enquire about these.

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MEI Coin Mech CF7000

Note Readers, Note Acceptors & Bill Validators Mechanisms

Vendpro offers reliable note readers/ bill validators from reputable global suppliers. These come with state of the art validation technology that accepts the new Australian bank notes. Technical support is guaranteed through the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and our proven Vendpro after-sales service and support. We also have reconditioned note readers for sale. Please feel free to enquire about these.

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Currenza smv2
MEI Note Reader 2612

Credit & Debit Card Solutions

Vendpro offers global brand credit and debit card payment options as part of our cashless/ EFTPOS™ payment solution portfolio. These complement our coin and note acceptor/ validator payment systems. Our cashless solution accepts mobile, SMS and NFC payments, all credit and debit cards brands that are swipe, contact or contactless (i.e. pay-as-you-wave), as well as prepaid cards. It offers eReceipts to show consumers their purchases. It also offers dynamic pricing allowing operators the option to pass the convenience fee along to the consumer.

Note: It is confirmed that a cashless solution now delivers the best return-on-investment (ROI) for any single investment option on a vending machine - latest research shows that e.g.:

  • 64% of customers now prefer to use a cashless card rather than cash.
  • The average spend per transaction increases by 33% (from US$1.21 to US$1.60) over cash.
  • On average, 38% (and even as high as 50%-75%) of sales were cashless! The trend in increasing cashless sales only seems to increase year-on-year.

Source: Cantaloupe Systems Report - Nama OneShow April 2017

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Telemetry Amit
VPOS ashless

Cashless Card/ Token Solutions

Vendpro installs proven and state of the art cashless payment systems to suit your need e.g. payment by means of staff identity card readers, fobs etc. Typically, these cards are unlimited account/ pre-loaded value cards or credit/ debit cards that alleviate the need for cash and coins for on-the-spot transactions. Our solutions work with most cards technologies such as Mifare™, DESfire™, magnetic card strip etc. More advanced implementations can work in parallel with canteen point of sale systems, compatible with staff access cards/ tags/ keys and can be customised to work with existing employee card and access systems. Please enquire about these.

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Three Color Rfid Bracelet

Remote Back-To-Base Telemetry, Monitoring & Management Vending Solutions

Vendpro fits state of the art remote back-to-base (B2B) telemetry vending monitoring and management solutions. These systems have proven to save up to 40% of vending operating costs. It reduces opportunities for theft, increases sales, reduces expenses related to stock holding, delivery vehicle inventory and allows less time on-site and less wasted journeys etc. Please feel free to enquire about these.

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